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A crew of Designers, Developers, Content Writers,Cinematographers, Publishers and Authors.

Most of our works are about Creating Content

Life is Complicated and can be Overwhelming – from Entertainment and Education to Tech and Book. DotRed Digital brands help people find Answers, Solve Problems, and get Inspired

We make videos on YouTube

We have various YouTube Channels under our Corporation. We make videos about DIY, Life Hacks, Science Experiments and Vlogs. Our videos are not only Usefull, but also extremely fun to watch.

Boost your Business up to High Level

Not only we focus on growing our own Business, we also help you to grow Your's! We provide SEO, Web Design, Graphics Design, Print on Demand, Video Production and whatever you need to Sky-Rocket your Business.

Few Words from our
CEO and Founder

— Shariful Islam

I'm Shariful. I have been into this Freelancing Profession for almost 7 Years at this point. I tried to start a Company in 2017 with some of my friends but I had failed running the project. After that, I have again restarted the company on my own in 2019. Since then, I have generated hundreds and thousands of contents under this Company that are helping people every single day to ease their everyday-life. Some of our brands have gained tremendous popularity on the Internet and are getting attention of a lot Internet people. That small company of mine has grown to be today's DotRed Digital.
Besides written contents, we are also producing video contents that might make your life easier and more exciting. Moreover, we are also providing quality services that will make your business grow too.
That's how DotRed Digital is determined to provide businesses with the best possible services and solutions!

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